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Updates It took a while, but I finally got the login/registration module up and running. Even with the security I put into it, 30 seconds after setting up, a Russian bot created and authenticated an account. I will have to beef that up.

I have also made an uploads module, with a progress bar, although it doesn't seem to show the correct file size and %. Another thing to sort out.

Having a week off from work does wonders.

Talk to you all in a bit.

By Patrick Blanchard
On March 27th, 2014

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Update Well, it's that time again.
I finally cleaned up the place, took a lot of junk out and got to work on the new place.
Of course, a lot of the stuff doesn't work yet, but I am working on it.

I still have a lot of modules to update for security, namely the login/register modules, the comments modules and a few others.

The hard stuff like getting the images to show up correctly are done, along with getting the image informations, so things aren't too scary for me at the moment in regards to the coding of this place.

There are still some layout things I want to work on (Albums and Galleries, for example) and I have to create a few sections that are inactive in the navigation bar. Those can wait for the moment, I really want to get the registration pages going so you guys can start uploading your pictures. The contest part will most likely be one of the last pages created, because once that is up, monitoring and managing those contests is going to eat up most of my free time and I won't have time to code anymore

Thanks for your patience.

By Patrick Blanchard
On February 26th, 2014